Pedantic Impediments

George motherfucking Carlin

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Hola, my name is Adam. And you might as well call me that because my reactive mind is oblivious to nick names.

I’m a lot of things, like 19 years old is one of them. But lots of little things nonetheless; although, I’m not so little myself. I stand at 6 foot 4 inches tall and weigh two-hundred and fifteen pounds. Well, in terms of weight, I am littler than I’ve ever been. I have lost upwards of 115 pounds in the last year or so. Just being healthy and getting to the gym when I can.

It’s just one of my many little things. Other attributes that pertain to me could be that I’m genuine, I’m humorous, I like green eyes, I think piercings and tattoos are neat, and I believe that nearly everyone is, innately, a good person. I also think we should use neat as a descriptive word for more than its definition of “tidiness.”

I have other quirks, queeks, and quonks too. Using the oxford comma is a must for me. I have an obsessive personality. Shel Silverstein and Marie Howe are two of my favorite poets.

I write, I draw, I work in service, I act on occasion, and I sing in the car, I love doing hair and making it look perfect, I make crazy noises and faces, usually with my best friends, who then comply with their own individualistic noises, faces, and quirks, queeks, quonks, quibbles, dibbles, and dabbles.

I used to shut myself down, but I have learned to stand up for myself. To get psychological with you, I have a shame-based personality, and to get all Myers-Briggsly with you, I’m an INFP in their little spectrum. It just means that I’m an idealist, I internalize most things, I’m excessively indecisive, and I have a knack for things of the unordinary. Abnormal, if you please. Abby Normal.

I would express more of my interests, but I’m pretty certain that is what my blog is for anywho.

I am a UCF Junior.

I’ll answer any question, and I’ll embrace any conversation. Although, I’m introverted, it does not mean I won’t give any interaction or relationship my best go. I hope your day is as grand as I’m sure you are, good luck.